• Top Class Museums In London Offering Elevating Experience To Visitors

    View Of Natural History Museum

    London has always been a great destination for tourists from all over the world. The reason why people are attracted to London is the rich history and cultural heritage of the place. The great historical and cultural aura of London is aptly represented by the great museums here. People are invariably surprised by the wide range of museums and artefacts here. Moreover, the museums are based on a variety of themes as well. So, this not only offers tourists with choice but also exhilarates them completely. Here are some of the top class museums in London which are instrumental in enlightening the visitors.

    British Museum

    British Museum enjoys a roaring popularity among people. The main reason is the range of artefacts on display here, since they range from prehistoric period to the contemporary period. Some of the great exhibits here include the Rosetta stone, and the Parthenon sculptures, to name a few.

    Design Museum

    Design Museum enjoys the distinction of being world’s leading museum which is solely dedicated to showcasing a dazzling array of contemporary designs, including graphics, furniture, industrial, and architectural design, to name a few. Regular exhibitions are held here in order to showcase the rich creativity that is found in various forms of design.

    Imperial War Museum

    Imperial War Museum tells visitors about the martyrs who fought bravely during various wars, including the First World War. The pick of the lot is the Holocaust Exhibition.

    London Transport Museum

    London Transport Museum is dedicated to exposing the intricate link of the transport with cultural and social history of London. There are around 80 vehicles, including the ones which are as old as 200 years. The popular ones include underground steam rail, which was the first of its kind in the entire world, and red Routemaster bus, etc.

    Museum Of London

    Museum of London enjoys the distinction of being largest urban museum in the entire world. It has a great number of exhibitions and historic objects that tell great story of rich past of London. One is taken through various periods of history including the prehistoric London, the time when London was under Roman rule, and medieval London, to name a few. Moreover, there is a whole range of new Galleries as well, which represent the true Modern London.

    Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum boasts of having a massive collection of the tallest, biggest, and rarest animals. One could easily find a gigantic blue whale, and the unmistakable Central Hall.

    Royal Museums Greenwich

    Royal Museums Greenwich is included in World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. This complex includes the Queen’s House, National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory, to name a few.

    Science Museum

    Science Museum is greatly designed museum that has a number of interactive exhibits which give visitors a chance to experience things as well. The museum has great scientific advances. Moreover, there is the brilliant Imax Cinema as well.

    Victoria And Albert Museum

    Victoria and Albert Museum has artefacts that are around 3000 years old. There is a dazzling array of paintings, furniture, metalwork, textiles, and sculpture here.

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