• Unravelling The Top Class Museum Gardens In London

    View Of Natural History Museum

    London’s museums are always a treat to visit, since they offer tourists a chance to witness great pieces of art. However, the amazing aspect is that tourists are attracted to these museums because of some other factors as well. And, one of the prominent reasons why tourists visit these museums is because of the great museum gardens that offer peaceful and tranquil surroundings and a great chance to tourists to revel in nature. Here are some of the incredible museum gardens in London.

    Horniman Museum

    The garden of this museum resembles a park actually. A Farmer’s market is organised every Saturday here. Moreover, there is the meadow field which is very popular among the locals. Kids too love this spot as they come here to jog often along with their parents. They are also entertained by Animal Walk and Sundial Trail. The Animal Walk enables children to get close view of goats, alpacas, and other farm animals. Adults are also fascinated by the beauty of the nature garden here.

    Museum Of Brands

    Museum of Brands is now located at Notting Hill, which is a brilliant location for the museum. The garden here is full of plants and trees of exotic varieties. Moreover, there is the café as well that offers delicious cakes and elevating coffee. A leisurely stroll in the garden could really refresh a person’s mind, as a person could get really close to nature.

    Dickens Museum

    The Garden Café here is the most peaceful area of the museum. The garden is not so large; however, the enclosed courtyard invariably offers great time to the visitors, since they are always overpowered by the beauty and aroma of the place. They love this tranquil space that allows them to get lost in contemplating about the meaning of life.

    Dulwich Picture Gallery

    The gardens at Dulwich Picture Gallery are unlike the ones in Dickens Museum, since the place has vast gardens. There are a number of events organised in the garden including screening of the films. It is a great place to be visited for both couples and families since the lush green lawns here offer a great place for picnicking.

    Geffrye Museum

    The gardens here are a delight to visit since besides the natural beauty they also showcase some of the exhibits as well. So, one gets a chance to witness great pieces of art while being surrounding by nature. Moreover, there is the walled herb which consists of 170 different varieties of herbs here.

    Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum is a great spot to visit for people, since it offers immediate respite from the irritating traffic at Cromwell Road in South Kensington. Tourists are invariably stunned to find this peaceful spot amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life just few meters away. There is the great wildlife Garden here that has a dazzling array of species of both animals and plants. The garden has been providing great way of escaping the harsh reality, ever since it opened in 1995. The best part is that there are a number of special nature events that are organised here from time to time.

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