Vine Vera Review

I had been searching for a proper skin care solution for my dry skin issues for years, but hadn’t managed to find something that was even close to offering me with proper solutions for my skin. I have tried so many products that I simply gave up on my skin care completely. Tired and dejected, I stopped thinking about my skin and simply bothered with sunscreens and nothing else. That’s when my sis forced me to visit the Vine Vera store on Brompton Street.

She literally had to drag me to the store because I simply refused to waste money on any other skin product. The negligent skin care routine that I was following over the last year made my wrinkles more obvious and made my dry skin stand out as well.

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The moment I entered the Vine Vera store, I forgot all about skin care and began gawking at the plush interiors. I never imagined a beauty store could ever look so beautiful and amazing. It’s like all you want to do the moment you step into the store is indulge your skin with their products. We were offered a few refreshments and were seated at one of their couches. The sales lady approached my sis and they immediately began chatting away like long lost buddies. It was obvious that my sister was a regular here. Just the fact that they remembered their customers on a first time basis surprised me a bit.

Anyways, my sister told them about my problem and my apprehensions as well. They immediately offered me with a free facial using their Pinot Noir Collection, a collection that is supposed to be specially built for people with dry skin. I normally would have said no if it was a simple product trial, but I just didn’t feel like refusing a free facial.

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So they took me into their VIP room, seated me on the most comfortable fully reclinable seat that I have ever sat on and began applying the collection on my skin. The best part of the facial wasn’t the soothing music. The best part was the fact that the therapist kept talking about what she was doing and why she was doing it and also offering me with tips on how to replicate these steps at home. She cleansed my skin with their cleanser and then applied the serum, the cream and the mask from the Pinot Noir collection. The entire process took about 30 minutes and I didn’t feel bored, useless or tired for a single second because the therapist was always talking about something or the other.

I really liked the experience. When the facial was over, I was too scared to look into the mirror because I did not want to see yet another skin care product go  waste. But, they literally forced me to look into the mirror. And to my freaking surprise, the damn skin actually looked good. All these years of effort and no one told me about Vine Vera before.

I have been using these products for a month and my skin looks sooooo much better now. I would urge all those like me to just go and try out these products. They’re really something else.