• Art Galleries In London That Offer Great Experience To Tourists

    Picture Of A Gallery

    Tourists are always eager to learn about the place of their visit. And, luckily, London has everything in its coffers that are sure to satiate the curiosity of tourists. In fact, it is a paradise for art lovers since they are able to locate a great variety of artworks exhibiting contemporary sculpture, modern art, as well as impressionist paintings. The best part is that even small galleries here are full of pleasant surprise for visitors as the sculpture, paintings, fine art, and other great contemporary works provide great aesthetic experience to visitors. Some of the art galleries in London that must always be included in the bucket list of tourists are listed here.

    Barbican Art Gallery

    Barbican Art Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the works of internationally acclaimed artists. There are top-notch pieces of photography and design here. Moreover, there is the ‘Barbican’s Curve,’ which is dedicated to displaying the new art commissions. So, a visit to Barbican Art Gallery could certainly broaden a visitor’s horizons.

    National Gallery

    National Gallery of London is an unmistakable spot at Trafalgar Square. It is spread in a large area and showcases great Western European Paintings, ranging from 13th to 19th centuries. One could really regale in the gallery and get immersed in the great works by great artists like da Vinci, Van Gogh, Constable, Titian, Botticelli, and Renoir, to name a few.

    National Portrait Gallery

    National Portrait Gallery is another landmark spot in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square which has the largest collection of portraits, personalities, and faces in the world. One could find portraits of towering personalities from Tudor dynasty to Shakespearean Era, to the present time.

    Royal Academy Of Arts

    Royal Academy of Arts is easily accessible via the Annenberg Courtyard. Ever since its inception in 1768 it has housed some blockbuster and exciting exhibitions. For instance, it is the only place in the world to display the lone Michelangelo Sculpture. Further, it also has Queen Victoria’s paintbox on display.

    Saatchi Gallery

    Saatchi Gallery is dedicated solely to displaying great contemporary art work by young and talented international as well as local artists. The owner Charles Saatchi has given his consent to name the gallery as ‘Museum of Contemporary Art’ after he retires.

    Serpentine Gallery

    Serpentine Gallery is located in the tranquil surroundings of Hyde Park. The exhibitions here showcase contemporary and modern art by world class artists like Chris Ofili and Andy Warhol. The annual pavilion commission focusing on displaying great architectural artworks is a treat to watch.

    Somerset House

    Somerset House has a great collection of Post-Impressionist, Impressionist, and Old Masters’ paintings. There are some excellent galleries here including Courtauld Gallery and The Embankment Galleries. The exhibitions here are dedicated to design, art, photography, and fashion. So, tourists could get access to a wide range of top-class artistic works here.

    Tate Britain

    Tate Britain is an excellent gallery showcasing a wide range of works including Pre-Raphaelites paintings, Bacon’s works, and scintillating landscapes by Master Turner. In fact, the gallery has the largest British Art’s collection in the entire world. So, tourists could certainly get a chance to look at some of the unique and compelling artefacts here.

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