England Overview

England has always been famous for being a green and pleasant land that is full of a beautiful mix of historical sights and modern day attractions. England has always been one of the most iconic countries in the world and its influence reaches to lands across the globe. From the historical Roman England to the great British empire, England has actually seen it all. The people might be famous for being tea lovers, food maniacs and eccentrics, but they are also known to be extremely polite and unique in their own way. After all, the nation’s culture influenced countless others across the globe.


Earle Hitchner had once said that the main difference between England and America is that the English feel that 100 miles is a long way, whereas the Americans like to believe that 100 years is an extremely long time. This perfectly summed up the differences between the two countries, despite their sheer contrasts in geographical area, cultures, way of lifestyles and the English language as well. Yes, England might be smaller than a few states in the US, but it still remains to be one of the richest and most influential countries on the planet.

England has always been a living museum for anyone interested in history. From the great Stonehenge to the delights of Medieval England to the 21st century skyscrapers, the country has always stayed in touch with time and has somehow managed to emerge on top of it as well. City life is always best experienced in London and Manchester, but places like Cotswolds, Bath, Leeds and Newcastle have a charm of their own.

The English are famous for their hospitality, particularly in the countryside. A trip to the local pub is good enough to give you great insights into the area and its history and you can always find someone ready to chat you up and share thoughts and ideologies. The country inns might mostly serve pub grubs, but if you’re looking for cuisines and dishes, cities like London and Manchester have more cuisines and tastes than you can possibly handle.

Most international flights are likely to land at the London Heathrow airport, one of the most iconic airports in the world. And starting your tours with London is an excellent idea as well. After all, the city is home to numerous evergreen wonders such as the Buckingham Palace, Harrods, the Big Ben, etc.

buckingham palace

There is something here for all types of people and sports aficionados are going to love their time in England. If you’re into football, the charms and delights of the English Premier League are bound to get you pumped up and jumping with joy. A trip to some of the most fascinating football stadiums such as the Emirates, Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, Anfield and Stamford Bridge is a must. If you’re into cricket, then you’re definitely aware of iconic venues such as The Lords and The Oval.

A trip through England is almost equivalent to a journey through time itself. You can find attractions that date back to all eras – right from ancient megaliths to modern day skyscrapers. The country is equally famous for its rich culture, arts, galleries, museums, shops and music venues.

Some of the most popular things to do in England include surfing in Newquay, cycling in Norfork, rock climbing in the Peak District, exploring the spa town of bath, enjoying the old world attractions of London, checking out Stonehenge and visiting the ancient Temple of Sulis Minerva or the great Roman Baths. Places like Cambridge, Oxford, York and Stratford-Upon-Avon (birthplace of the great William Shakespeare) are equally famous as well.