• Exploring Incredible Features Of Oldest Gallery In London

    View Of People At A Gallery

    London has a rich cultural heritage. People are enamoured by great historical facts about various significant events that occurred in London. Similarly, there is the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which is located in Southwark in South East London, which enjoys the distinction of being the first purpose-built gallery in England. It was opened to public in 1817. Here are some of the incredible features of this place.

    Great Architectural Masterpiece

    Foremost feature of this gallery is that it is an amazing piece of architecture. It was designed by Soane who ensured that that the rooms were interlocked with each other. Moreover, the gallery is lit by the overhead skylights. The design is such that the paintings are lighted by the skyline indirectly. The design of Dulwich Picture Gallery has always been an inspiration for the architects all over the world.

    Founding Members Buried Inside The Gallery

    The best part about this gallery is that it has given due respect to the people who were instrumental in creating this awesome gallery. The founding members, including Bourgeois and Mrs. Desenfans have been buried here. They are buried in the unique and attractive mausoleum that is situated inside the gallery. There were three founding members who died before seeing the opening ceremony of the gallery; however, their works are well-preserved and they too have been given due respect.

    Inspiration For Telephone Box

    Another great feature of this gallery is that it inspired designer Giles Gilbert Scott. Scott was looking for the design of telephone kiosk when he came across the design of mausoleum roof by Dulwich’s Picture Gallery. So, he got inspired from that and decided to shape the telephone box in similar manner. One could easily see the similarity by seeing the traditional red box that is situated in the grounds.

    Massive Collection Of Artefacts

    Another significant fact about the gallery is that there is a dazzling array of world-class items here. It contains finest collections of artworks by European painters who used to work before the nineteenth century. One is always mesmerized to see a dazzling array of paintings including French, Flemish, Dutch, Italian, and British portraits as well. To be specific, there are incredible pictures by famous painter Thomas Gainsborough, and then, there are nine other paintings by Joshua Reynolds. Other painters whose paintings have found a place here include Peter Paul Rubens, Nicolas Poussin, and Rafael, to name a few.

    Impressive Visitors

    Because of its excellent architecture and great collection of artwork, the place has always attracted a number of prominent personalities from all over the world. It has always been a major tourist destination. Among the greatest visitors of this place are art students William Etty, John Constable, Vincent Van Gogh, and JMW Turner, to name a few. Moreover, the gallery has also got a mention in ‘The Pickwick Papers’, written by Charles Dickens.


    Another feature that attracts people, especially the kids, is the organisation of various activities by the authorities here. One of the foremost ones is the sleepovers, wherein, people are allowed to sleep on the floor, and watch films running on the LED. Kids can also learn to paint or hear live music as well.

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