• Unearthing Great Fountains In London That Are A Treat To Watch

    View Of Fountain At Trafalgar Square

    London is among world’s most beautiful cities. The place has a dazzling array of scintillating historical and iconic sites, architectural sites, natural gardens, museums, marketplaces, etc. Tourists are always spoilt for choice upon visiting London, since there is too much to explore here. Similarly, there is no dearth of beautiful fountains in London. So, people could pack their lunch and have a great picnic in natural environment while enjoying the gorgeous fountains. Some of these fountains are listed here.

    Diana Fountain, Bushy Park

    Diana Fountain in Bushy Park is a masterpiece featuring bronze statue of some goddess. The fountain is made of stone and marble, and is surrounded by bronze statues of four water nymphs, four boys, and shells. These bronze structures were designed by Inigo Jones and were commissioned by King Charles I. They were intended to be made for garden of Queen Henrietta Maria at her Somerset House.  The statue was moved a lot before it was finally placed in Chestnut Avenue in the Bushy Park. The fountain is well preserved by the authorities.

    Revolving Torsion In St. Thomas’ Hospital

    This amazing fountain is a great artwork of talented artist Naum Gabo. The large circular pool is adorned with rib-like plates made of stainless steel. It is located just in between the St. Thomas’ and Guy’s hospital buildings. The place is owned by Tate and is given on loan to Tommy’s and Guy’s.

    The Four Winds, Hyde Park

    The Four Winds Statue is also commonly known as Joy of Life Fountain. It was unveiled by T B Huxley in 1963. The statue consists of two bronze figures that are seen dancing enthusiastically over a pond. Moreover, there are other four chubby children made of bronze who are seen coming out of the water towards the edges of the pool.

    Sibirica, Holland Park

    Sibirica in Holland Park is an unassuming fountain that is located amidst iris garden. There is a central trunk in rectangular shape that pours water on the little pots, which creates splashes of dancing water. The site is a real treat to watch.

    Venus Fountain, Sloane Square

    There is a large vase that has this massive statue of Venue made of bronze in which Venus is seen kneeled down onto the vase. Water is being poured down into the octagonal pool via the conch shell. The pool is adorned with beautiful light-blue coloured ceramic tiles.

    Glass Fountain, Aldermanbury

    Glass Fountain is an intriguing piece of art that is made of mosaic of glass. It is located just behind the massive Guildhall buildings. This great fountain was made by Allen David, an extraordinary glassworker and painter. The abstract artwork has geometric shapes towards the base. The shards of glass are blue green in colour and aptly complement the colours in that pond.

    Girl With A Dolphin, Tower Bridge

    Girl With A Dolphin is an amazing piece of artwork by David Wynne. The fountain appears to defy all rules of gravity, and appears to be jumping, swimming, and flying, all at the same time. Wynne was professionally trained in making sculptures, and contributed a lot by making marvellous structures, including ‘Boy With A Dolphin,’ which can be found near Chelsea School of Art.

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