• Uncovering Staggering Ways Of Exploring London

    View Of Tower Bridge

    People have always been fond of London, as they are attracted by the monuments and palaces associated with kings and queens. Besides, there are other top class architectural sites in London that always act as a magnet. However, there are some unique ways of exploring London too. That is, one doesn’t always need to follow the most usual ways of seeing some of the favourite spots in London, and instead they could always opt for some unique and spectacular ways of unearthing the secrets of the place. So, here are some of the staggering ways that are going to give great memorable moments to people.


    There are a number of companies offering terrific helicopter tours to people. These tours have always been the favourite of elites who have always wanted to get that unique experience of seeing various sites from the top. So, one could embark upon these tours, and the fun and enjoyment of exploring London doubles on a sunny day.

    Tower Bridge Viewing Platform

    One gets to see mind-boggling views of London from the viewing platform of Tower Bridge, which is called The Shard and is located on the 72nd floor. In fact, this is Western Europe’s tallest building. So, one could imagine the staggering and sweeping views that they are going to see from this much height. Tourists must book their tickets in advance in order to avoid any hassles.

    O2 Climb

    O2 in Greenwich is another great location to have a completely different experience of seeing London. Tourists invariably love to get to the top of this iconic and amazing structure.

    High Speed Boat

    The experience of discovering various iconic sites in London via high speed boat is simply unsurpassed. Within a flash one is greeted with some of the most amazing buildings in London. This is a really elevating experience for tourists.

    Red Bus Tour

    Embarking upon Red Bus Tour is another great way of exploring London. One is taken through such great sites as The Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace, to name a few.

    London Eye

    A visit to London Eye is a perfect way of getting a bird’s eye view of the glamorous city. One sees the city through baffling glass pods. Tourists love to get photographed at this mind-boggling site.

    River Cruise

    River Cruise is for all those tourists who love to explore London in a relaxed and comfortable manner. The tour takes a lot of time, but tourists are taken through a majority of popular sites in London.

    Underground Train

    Underground Train is a common yet very popular way of exploring London. The city is properly connected with the rail network, and one could visit a majority of the major sites by taking appropriate underground train. It is the best way of exploring London for all the first time visitors to London.

    The Cutty Sark

    The Cutty Sark is world’s most popular clipper ship. So, one could avail the opportunity of getting on this remarkable ship when they are in Greenwich. The height of the ship has been raised now, and one could always admire the beauty of the ship.

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