• Finest Parks In London That Are Perfect For Picnicking

    Women Posing Picnicking

    London has always been associated with the frenzied pace of life and hectic life that the people lead here. However, besides this well-known aspect of the city there are some other little known aspects as well. There are people who simply love to live their lives in accordance with their own rules. And, thankfully, the city has a number of places to offer to these people who love to explore the nature and spend some great moments along with their friends and families. So, here are some of the topmost parks in London that are perfect for picnicking.

    Thames Barrier Park

    Thames Barrier Park is one of the most attractive parks in London that is characterized by its pristine beauty. The park has a number of features that invariably stun the visitors including a great variety of fountains, flawlessly maintained great lawns, beautiful flower gardens, and the availability of a number of sports facilities. Overall, it is a perfect spot to spend the whole day.

    St. James’s Park

    St. James’s Park is smaller in area, but it certainly has all the elements that make it a great park. There is the regal element associated with this park that invites the people from all walks of life. The place is in close proximity to royal buildings in London including the unmistakable Buckingham Palace. And then, there is the Horse Guards Parade as well. Tourists are invariably attracted to the pelicans, the beautiful lake, and the spectacular Tiffany Fountain inside the garden.

    Jesus Green

    Jesus Green stands true to its name as it provides a perfectly soothing atmosphere to the people. The garden always has that calming influence on the visitors. People love to come here to picnic amidst the natural surroundings here. One could sit here for hours and commune with the nature as well.

    Temple Gardens

    Temple Gardens span 3 acres of area. Visitors are always stunned to locate such beautiful site in the centre of the city. It is located right inside the Inner Temple.

    Victoria Park

    Victoria Park enjoys the distinction of being London’s largest, oldest, and most popular park. The place has always enjoyed a great reverence from people of London as well as the tourists arriving from different parts of the world. Besides, it holds a number of exciting spots events each year. People also come here to experience the fun and excitement by participating in large-scale celebrations on various festive occasions.

    Lee Valley

    Lee Valley is teeming with people on weekends, as the place offers great canal boats watching experience. Moreover, its close proximity to Lee Valley Rowing Club Boathouse makes it even more popular among the tourists.

    Wandsworth Park

    Wandsworth Park has always enjoyed a great popularity among the people because of the unimaginable river views that it has to offer. Besides, the place is also famous for the putting course that it offers to the visitors interested in playing Putt.

    Victoria Embankment Gardens

    Victoria Embankment Gardens provide a great tranquil retreat to the visitors. It is away from the hectic and frenzied bustle of the city. The place hosts a number of events throughout the year.

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