• Restaurants Near Famous Museums In London Offering Food Within The Budget

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    London is one of the most amazing places to visit on earth; however, having said this, the place is one of the most costly places in the world, especially the eating joints near the famous landmarks of London. Similarly, the area around the world-class museums is also the one where the restaurants and the hotels charge exorbitant price from the visitors. So, it is always beneficial to learn about the places that are cheap and within one’s budget. Here is an endeavour to list some of the restaurants in London near the museums that offer the delicious food at affordable price.

    Eating Places Near Natural History Museum In South Kensington

    Raison D’Entre

    It is the eating place near the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. Though this French cafe is small in size, yet it never fails to meet the expectations of the visitors as it offers a great variety of food including the sandwiches, pasta, Panini, Focaccia, etc. at bargain price. There is also £3.50 hot chocolate that is the hot favourite of the tourists.

    Caffe Forum

    This is one of the independent coffee houses in London in South Kensington that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to providing the best quality food to the customers at affordable price. The sandwiches are most popular here and they start at as low as £2.70.

    Comptoir Libanais

    This is the Lebanese canteen that provides the authentic Lebanese flavour to the visitors. Kids are most delighted to come here as they have the exclusive meals for kids that are offered at £5.45, which also includes the mouth-watering dessert and one drink.

    Eating Places Near British Museum In Bloomsbury

    Bibimbab Cafe

    Bibimbab is the favourite Korean dish that is offered here at this restaurant with the same name. One could get a bowl full of noodles, rice or spice meats by paying as little as £6.

    Bloomsbury Coffee House

    The place has everything to offer to the visitors, from a quick cake along with a brew in the breakfast for people in hurry, to a £17.50 deal which offers the visitors brunch, and then lunch, which is further accompanied by the afternoon tea.

    Tea And Tattle

    It faces the British Museum directly and offers a wide range of traditional dishes including ham sandwiches that come at £4.40, clotted cream at £ 3.40, to name a few.

    Eating Places Near Museum Of London

    Wild And Wood Coffee

    The mouth-watering cakes start here from as low as £ 2. They are served along with most sumptuous coffee that one could ever had. One could simply walk here from the Museum Of London.

    Smithfield Cafe

    The place is widely acknowledged for the breakfast it offers. One could get 7 items in a breakfast by paying just £6.50. Moreover, the place is open 24 hours a day, and provides jacket potatoes starting at £ 1.60. Then, there are the burgers that start from £2. There are also the sandwiches and pies.

    So, it is always better to eat at these places rather than eating at places chagrining exorbitant price. Again, the choice rests with the people though.

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