• London’s Finest Five Parks That Are A Must To Visit

    Cute squirrel In St. James’s Park

    London is the topmost destination for tourists. The visitors throng the English capital all the year round. And, to satiate their desires and expectations, the place has a number of destinations that tourists can visit. However, apart from the bustling life that it has to offer to the visitors there are a number of destinations that are serene and tranquil and offer a completely refreshing and rejuvenating experience to the tourists. They feel buoyant and energetic after visiting these stunning destinations. So, five of the top most parks in London that should always form a part of one’s itinerary are listed here.

    St. James’s Park

    St. James’s Park enjoys the distinction of being the oldest royal park of London. It is spread in a sprawling area of 23 hectares and the beauty of the park is enhanced with the presence of three great palaces in its vicinity including Westminster, Buckingham Palace, and St. James’s Palace. St. James’s Park is loved by the locals for it offers them a truly refreshing experience of spending a day with their family on a sunny and warm day. The stunning lakes, and the beautiful islands, namely the West Island and Duck Island are all surrounded by shady and green trees, which makes the whole atmosphere soothing.

    Regent’s Park

    Regent Park covers the area of 166 hectares and is towards the north-western side of London. Apart from offering the soothing and tranquil atmosphere to the visitors the park also has a number of other famous tourist attractions including London Zoo, Open Air Theatre, Queen Mary’s Gardens, and the availability of sporting activities.

    Hyde Park

    Hyde Park enjoys the popularity among the people as it is located in the bustling area of Central London. The place is always teeming with visitors since they are enthralled to see over 4000 trees here providing them fresh and pure air. The wide expanse of greenery covering 140 hectares of the land is a treat to watch. Visitors can visit this park any day of the week since it is open on all days. However, it just closes from 12 at night to 5 in the morning. Hyde Park is also popular as it enables the tourists to try a number of sporting activities including horse riding, swimming, tennis, football, and running. Moreover, the management organises a number of concerts and music festivals in the park every now and then.

    Greenwich Park

    Greenwich Park gained popularity in 2012 during the Paralympic and Olympic Games. The most mesmerizing part associated with the park is the incredible view of river Thames that it offers. One could also witness other landmarks of London from here including National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Observatory. The park is popular among the families as it offers a great chance of enjoying the day with one’s family members.

    Victoria Park

    Victoria Park is the place where one finds the ponds, canals, sports fields, and a number of tennis courts. All of these things encourage one to lead a healthy and happy life. Moreover, the location is hot favourite among the locals and the artists as a number of music festivals are organised here from time to time.

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