• London’s Finest Restaurants Serving Ultimate Quality Fried Chicken

    View Of Fried Chicken

    London is a gorgeous place to visit as it is eternally fresh and young. People from all over the world know about the historic landmarks of London including Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, to name a few. It is these iconic structures that catch the attention of the people and propel them to visit this beautiful place. However, what come as a pleasant surprise for them are the rich culinary delights that it has to offer. There are a great number of eating joints here that serve amazingly delicious food, and the situation is not at all different for fried chicken as there are a number of eating joints offering lip-smacking fried chicken. Some of these spots are included here.


    Bird has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving tender, juicy, and flavoured chicken to the people. Moreover, it selects the faultless free-range birds. One is amazed to taste the delicious fried pieces along with well-done wings that are served along with a variety of sauces.

    Joe’s Southern Kitchen

    People are spoilt for choice at Joe’s Southern Kitchen as they get exactly what they desire. The wishes of people materialize within no time. The speciality of the place is the Southern fried chicken; although there is a great variety of chicken classics from America including fried, grilled, and buns. It is stunning to note that the traditional southern fried dish is tea brined for a complete 24 hours before they are stuffed with a variety of spices.

    Whyte And Brown

    Whyte and Brown specialize in providing chicken called the ‘roasted beer can’ wherein the old-age tradition of heaving a can of beer into the bird is adopted to infuse all those aromatic flavours into the meat. The manly and moist fried chicken is too tempting to resist.


    The dishes at Clutch are done to perfection and are stuffed with whole new creative flavours wherein peppery buttermilk, sesame, curry leaf, Parmesan, and lemon are used to provide those amazing aromatic flavours to a variety of dishes including breast fillets, whole birds, wings, etc.

    Mother Clucker

    Mother Clucker is known for putting a lot of strenuous effort in order to come up with expertly done dishes. The chicken is re-fried after it has been tea brined and soaked in milk. The best part is that people need not travel miles to get the taste of perfectly done dishes as they serve on wheels.


    Jubo excels in providing Korean styled fried chicken that is smothered in sauce and is super crispy. The story of how this eating joint came up is really inspiring as the restaurant made a humble start by operating from an unassuming Bedroom Bar in the busy area in Rivington. But now it has spread its wings and operates from Exmouth Market too.


    The buttermilk fried crispy chicken served here is hot favourite among people. The accompanying sauce is what makes the dish incredibly tasty and appetizing.

    The Lockhart

    Chef Brad McDonald strives hard to provide authentic Southern fried chicken to people. The place is known for offering quality food to the people. The fried bird is served along with coleslaw and collard greens.

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