• Unearthing Topmost Secret Spots In London That Are Worth Exploring

    View Of London

    London is full of iconic spots that always catch the attention of the visitors. There are countless restaurants, markets, and other places of entertainment that enchant the tourists. However, besides this, there are some amazing spots in London that may be called as its hidden treasures. They are almost hidden and visitors are invariably stunned upon finding these remarkable spots. So, here are some of the amazing spots in London that are a must to watch.

    St. Dunstan’s In The East

    St. Dunstan’s in the East is one of the most secret locations in London. Most of the locals don’t even know that this garden exists. Further, the natural beauty of the garden is simply unsurpassed. Moreover, the garden is characterized by its unmistakable gothic architecture that was designed by the talented architect Christopher Wren. The place is perfect for filming and photography.

    UK’s Smallest Police Station

    People might have visited Trafalgar Square a number of times when they would have visited London; however, this unassuming police station in Trafalgar Square is actually UK’s smallest police station. It was build in order to keep track on the activity of people while there were protests in Trafalgar Square. The site is not used as an active police station; however, still, it is a great spot to visit as it is a part of great history of London.

    Strand Station

    Strand Station is also known as Aldwych Station. The station is not in use; however, it is worth exploring as it has rich historical connection. The place was actively used during the war when it was used to protect rich artworks that were displayed in the museums. Tourists could approach the authorities at London Transport Museum in order to tour this spot.

    St. Martin’s Window

    St. Martin in the Fields is a great destination to visit in Trafalgar Square. Moreover, St. Martin’s Window is an equally appealing spot to witness as it a unique window located in this impressive building.

    Isabella Plantation

    Isabella Plantation is an amazing garden that offers great visual delight to the visitors. Tourists are invariably amazed to locate King Henry’s Mound here that offers them sweeping views of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is located in Richmond Park.

    John Snow’s Water Pump

    John Snow made a startling discovery in 1854 when he traced the reason behind cholera outbreak to this tap. It was because of his groundbreaking discoveries that he was able to excel in the field of Epidemiology. Further, it was due to this discovery that the authorities brought about great changes to London’s water systems. So, tourists could always see the tap in order to gain some knowledge about one of the darkest phases in London’s history.

    Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar And Café

    Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar and Café is a great spot to visit as it offers unparalleled views of London. Tourists are invariably amazed to find the electrifying atmosphere here.

    Chislehurst Caves

    Chislehurst Caves is another great location that leaves the visitors completely awestruck. Besides, the caves are also famous since great artists like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones have given their unforgettable performances here.

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