• Topmost Date Spots In London That Are Sure To Make The Date Memorable

    Beautiful View Of Primrose Hill Park

    London is a great place that enjoys a rich history. Moreover, there are innumerable spots in London that are popular worldwide. Tourists from all over the world flock to this place to witness its scintillating beauty and magnetic charms. However, it seems that one needs to be prepared for their date as there is a high possibility of getting confused because of the number of options available with the tourists. So, here is a list of topmost date spots in London that are sure to make one’s date memorable.

    Milk And Honey

    Milk and Honey is a great spot for enjoying the date. However, one needs to make reservation prior to visiting this spot. The queer entrance of the spot by pressing a buzzer is simply exciting. Moreover, low lighting, deep booths, and classic cocktails are perfect for the date.

    Gordon’s Wine Bar

    Gordon’s Wine Bar in Convent Garden is a great spot because of the dazzling array of cocktails and drinks available there. Moreover, the pleasure of walking amidst the maze of tunnels and maze is equally exhilarating. Also, it is properly connected to the major means of transport.

    Ritzy Picture House

    Ritzy Picture House in Brixton is an unmistakable spot. There is a huge bar, and one feels comfortable while sitting in the gigantic cushy seats. Moreover, the place is always seen to hold great parties. So, the place is always bustling with energy.

    Ladies And Gentlemen

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Kentish Town enjoys a great popularity among the locals because of the soothing and relaxing atmosphere that it has to offer. One could always find a secluded corner and sit with their date, and get soaked in truly exhilarating atmosphere.

    Primrose Hill

    Primrose Hill in Camden is a perfect spot to take a date to, especially in the evening. This is because the place is among the higher spots in the city; so, it offers some breathtaking views of the city. Moreover, the experience of visiting the spot enhances in the evenings when one sees the sun setting behind the popular landmarks of the city. So, one could always take some food or drinks along with them while going on a date at this spot.

    Satan’s Whiskers

    Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green is a great spot for elevating one’s mood. The great combination of refreshing snacks, a great variety of cocktails, and plenty of hip-hop tracks offers an amazing experience to the couple.

    Electric Cinema

    Hitting the cinema along with the date is a classical idea; however, visit to Electric Cinema in Notting Hill is beyond the previous experience that a person may have had. One is greeted with red velvet beautiful double couches, cinema snacks that are offered from the Electric Diner’s kitchen which is just next door, and some great variety of drinks as well. So, the experience of watching a film here is simply unsurpassed.

    Late Night Visit To Museums

    Late night visit to museums is also an exciting way of being with the date. So, one could head towards Kensington in order to visit The Natural History Museum, or The Science Museum.

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