• Markets In London That Offer Great Shopping Experience

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    various cuisines. Among various popular eating spots are Philly Boys, Mama’s Jerk Station, Circus Bros, etc. Moreover, there is no dearth of other spots offering incredible crepes, sushi, and mac and cheese, to name a few. However, visitors need to be prepared to face a sea of humanity here.

    Whitecross Street

    Whitecross Street in Barbican enjoys the distinction of being one of London’s oldest street markets. It is completely choked with people in the afternoon as people come from as far as Farringdon to eat their favourite falafels, burritos, truckish wraps, charcuterie, soups, pasta, and Indian to name a few. People are always spoilt for choice here.

    Brixton Village

    Brixton Village is a whole mix of semi-permanent bars, and restaurants. There are other shops as well including flower stalls, bakeries, etc. The atmosphere is completely electrifying during the weekends as the place is full of musical shows, DJs, and other stalls offering drinks and food.

    Pump Shoreditch

    Pump Shoreditch in Shoreditch used to be a petrol station earlier. However, it has been turned into little huts know that serve stunningly tempting and mouth-watering food to the visitors. The vendors here include Tacotitlan, Pizza Rossa, and Hix’s FishDog, to name a few. Moreover, the whole market is covered; so, one doesn’t need to worry about the weather conditions and dine here peacefully.

    Netil Market

    Netil Market in London Fields is a market that caters to the demands of a number of people. There are all sorts of shops including jewellery, cycle repair, brewing supplies, etc. Moreover, there are a number of food stalls as well including Morty & Bob’s, BAO, Pizza’s Don’t Cry, etc.

    Leather Lane

    Leather Lane in Farringdon is famous for offering a wide range of leather products. However, the place also has some famous joints serving compelling food that attract a number of people during the mealtime. Among various food joints here are Yogiyo, Grill My Cheese, Food Gangnam Style, and Daddy Donky, to name a few.

    Weekly Markets

    Weekly Markets in Borough is a very popular market among the masses, and this is the reason the place attracts a huge number of people daily. People come here to shop as well as dine. The markets are open from Thursday to Saturday, and the atmosphere is completely elevating and electrifying on Saturday, when all the shops in the market are open.

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