• Great Picnic Spots In London Offering Truly Rejuvenating Experience

    View Of Central London

    London has all the amazing features that make it truly popular among the tourists. It has tranquil green gardens offering stunningly appealing vistas to the visitors. Locals love to club together along with their family members and friends on weekends in order to invigorate themselves after leading a frantic life on weekdays. So, here are some of the spectacular picnic spots in London.

    Central London

    Surprisingly, Central London has a great number of top-class spots that are sure to revive the spirits of the Londoners as well as the tourists. There are Inner Temple Gardens which are a perfect spot for enjoying the meal while relishing in the natural beauty. And then, there is the ‘Lincoln’s Inn Fields’ which enjoys the distinction of being London’s largest public square. There is Camley Street Natural Park, a secluded spot which is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon.

    North London

    North London too has a great number of spots that offer some great memories. There is the Primrose Hill, which is considered topmost romantic spot offering stunning views of London’s skyline. Besides, there is a dazzling array of different varieties of trees as well. Tourists also love to visit Highgate Wood which is an open space that is perfectly suitable for basking under the sun.

    South London

    Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in Sound London are one of the most frequently visited gardens. One could enjoy endless sunshine here, and enjoy their day along with their family members and friends. The place is well-maintained and has a lot of patches of greenery. Other great gardens here include Brockwell and Greenwich. Tourists enjoy shaded paths besides enjoying the sunshine as well. The whole atmosphere is pulsating with energy as other picnickers too assemble to make the most of their day here.

    East London

    People living in the East also consider themselves lucky since they too have access to a number of great natural locations. First off, there is the ‘London Fields,’ a spot used to have a number of cattle who came to graze here. However, the area has got completely transformed now as visitors enjoy the shaded trails, soothing cool breeze, and greenery all around the park.

    Another great spot in East London is Epping Forest. It is among the secluded spots that are perfect for enjoying the picnic along with one’s friends. Tourists too love to explore the region along with guides who tell them some refreshing tales about the place.

    West London

    West London too has some exciting natural spots to offer to the visitors. First off, there is the unmistakable Kyoto Garden that has traces of Japanese culture inside the Holland Park. The place offer truly authentic Zen experience, which is truly elevating, considering the chaotic life that people lead nowadays. The place is simply unparalleled in spring when cherry blossom is ubiquitous.

    Another spot in West London that is suitable for picnicking is Richmond Park. It has always be one of the finest spots for picnicking among travellers. One also gets to see some deer as well here, and the best part is that they are harmless to humans. Further, there is the Kew Gardens as well that are equally enchanting to visit.

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