• Exploring Great Shopping Spots In London Tourists Love To Visit

    Women Are Posing Shopping

    London has its magnetic charm that attracts tourists from all over the world. The aristocracy, massive buildings, archaic architectural, soothing parks, and a great number of shopping spots and restaurants, all make the city vibrant and beautiful. There is something unique and appealing about the place that is simply indescribable. And, the same is the case with the shopping scene of the place. There is a dazzling array of shopping sites and shops offering unique experience to tourists. Tourists are invariably amazed by seeing the quality of the products here. Moreover, the range of products too is incredible. So, here are some of the hot favourite shopping spots in London that are popular among the tourists.

    Bond Street

    Bond Street has always been a great location to visit for people who are passionate about the latest trends in vogue. Bond Street is basically amalgamation of old and new Bond Street now. The place enjoys a roaring popularity among the people as it has one of the best as well as biggest numbers of designer shops in the entire world. One could find such shops here as Prada, Donna Karan, Chanel, Armani, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. Tourists could find the true essence of London culture by visiting Burberry and Mulberry flagship stores. Besides this, there are countless antique stores as well, which offer a chance to buy the most charming souvenir that makes a person’s visit unforgettable.

    Carnaby Street

    Carnaby Street is the location which is liked by budding designers who love to display their cutting edge designs here. Elites too love to hang around here and go to such stores as Diesel, Replay, and Howies, etc. Moreover, the area in the vicinity of Carnaby Street also enjoys the same electrifying atmosphere as there is the Newburgh Street, Foubert’s Place, etc. There are a number of cosmetics shops as well that appeal women.

    The King’s Road

    The King’s Road has always been associated with representing the latest fashionable trendy items to visitors. Besides, there are a number of boutiques here exuding great elegance in the atmosphere, making the atmosphere hypnotic. Tourists are invariably attracted to Lulu Guinness’s, which has a great variety of handbags.


    The biggest advantage about visiting Knightsbridge is that it hasn’t undergone much change; so, tourists get to see the real building, and understand the real essence of the culture of the place. Among the famous shops here is ‘Harrods’ which caters to the needs of a number of people from various walks of life. The place is always teeming with tourists. Another popular, yet less crowded spot is Harvey Nichols. Moreover, Sloane Street is a perfect spot to get latest designer clothes.

    Oxford Street

    Oxford Street is one of the most visited streets in the entire world, as it has a whopping 200 million visitors visiting every year. This speaks volume about the popularity of the place. There are a number of designer clothes here, both branded as well as international. Some of the stylish shops include Mango and Zara.

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