• Amazingly Enchanting Paths To Explore In London

    View Of London

    London has always been a great centre of attraction for people from all over the world. The best thing about this bustling metropolis is the amazing mix of cultures that it enjoys. There are people from various nationalities who have made London their home. So, one could expect a great amalgamation of cultures here which is actually good for the tourists as they get to enjoy unity in diversity here. They enjoy great variety of food, customs, and traditions here.

    And, one of the best ways of exploring London is by embarking upon some of the great paths that take one to the various spots; thereby giving a chance to the visitors to get a feel of the real essence of London. So, here are some of the paths that one could choose to explore.

    The Jubilee Greenway

    This path takes one from Little Venice to Camden. In fact, it is the best canal walks here, as it is not only quiet but also mesmerizing. The experience of walking through the path becomes more intriguing and compelling on sunny days as the atmosphere is completely electrifying then. There are boats everywhere and the whole place comes alive. Tourists love this vibrant atmosphere.

    South Bank Stroll

    South Bank Stroll is simply surreal at the sunset. The site of Victorian lamp-posts that are seen glowing above the great Thames is simply stunning. Tourists always wonder in awe and astonishment when they discover the amazing architecture of the place. Moreover, there is the National Theatre where which has come to be regarded as the beacon of culture. There is tranquillity about the place during the night as the number of people dwindles then. So, one could visit the place then in order to enjoy the peace and calmness extended by the South Bank then.

    The Legal Garden

    The Legal Garden is among the four Inns of the court. The garden spans 3 acres and is open to the general public on weekdays. The best part is that it has withstood the rough weather and other challenges since 14th century. So, the garden has a great history as well. Besides, one gets a chance to see some of the native British birds here including thrushes, tits, robins, etc. Also, the place has a lot of flowers including poppies, tulips, dahlias, geraniums, snowdrops, etc. Tourists love exploring the tree-lined paths that extend unlimited peace and tranquillity to them. Moreover, the lawns are manicured and make up for a perfect spot for picnicking.

    Modern Hall Park

    Modern Hall Park is another area that takes one to the nature’s bounty. It was built towards the end of the 18th century and its responsibility of maintenance was given to the National Trust in the year 1941. There is a river called Wandle that meanders through this tranquil park that spans 125 acres of area. A whopping 100 species of birds are found here including Little Egrets, Redwings, herons, etc. So, the place is ideal for all those looking for great bird watching experience. Not only this, there are over 2000 roses here.

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